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100% Plant-Based & Easy

Plant-Based recipes - so easy anyone can do them. I have two kids and not a lot of time. Plus none of us is a master in the kitchen, so if we can do it - so can you!


Video Instructions

Every dish has it's own video where I show you exactly how to make it so you nail it on your first try!


All-Time Favorites Like Pizza, Burgers, Tacos...

Everybody loves pizza! Or burgers, or macaroni & cheese... discover how you can eat healthy and plant-based and still enjoy the good things in life!


Protein-Rich and Low-Fat Options

Inside you'll find protein-rich recipes perfect for athletes and low-fat dishes for anyone trying to get and stay lean.



In 1984 I witnessed the United States Men’s Gymnastics team win the gold medal at the Olympics in Los Angeles. I was 12. The incredible feats of strength and the amazing physiques instantly inspired me. That was the beginning of my journey as an athlete. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years competing through college. The intense training and the way it affected the body always fascinated me. It was clear how certain exercises developed strength and size in different parts of the body. I was hooked.

After gymnastics I immediately became certified as a personal fitness trainer and continued my education on how to design my perfect body and help others design theirs as well. Strength training and body sculpting became my passion. But as I aged, I realized that a nice physique and a fit body didn’t equal health.

As I approached my 40’s I was suffering from many symptoms of ill health such as Rosacea, intestinal bloating, constipation, joint inflammation, and allergies and no longer recognized myself as that young, fit and clean looking athlete. I knew I had to make a change but I didn’t know where to start. Fortunately, my loving wife Yael had always been interested in a Vegan diet, a compassionate diet, a healthier diet. I was resistant at first because of my previous education and beliefs regarding animal protein and muscle building. But I kept an open mind.

She began preparing delicious plant-based dishes and shared videos and articles with me about the horrible conditions of the animals in the world due to animal farming and agriculture. One fateful day, I saw a video lecture by Dr. Michael Greger called “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death” and the rest is history. I switched to a plant-based lifestyle overnight and never looked back.

My passion for learning about a plant-based lifestyle exploded when most of my symptoms of ill health disappeared within the first month and the rest within the first year. I bounced back to health and felt 10 years younger. “Now that’s the man I remember!” I said to myself as I looked in the mirror and I give the credit to going plant-based. This excitement led me to a certification in plant-based nutrition through T. Colin Campbell's course from eCornell. 

As a father of 2 magnificent boys I wanted to age powerfully and gracefully for them and now I feel I’m doing just that. Not only am I helping my family by becoming the strongest, healthiest version of myself, I’m also helping effectuate positive change for the animals and environment that are suffering because of the animal product industries.


I love food. What we eat is the single most important decision we make every day. It determines how we feel, our health, the future of our children and the planet. And because I care about all of these things, everything here is plant-based...


Ultimate Vegan Burger


Tofu Scramble Wrap


French Toast


Easy Cheezy Pizza


Power Quinoa Bowl


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